On nfs server:

Add line to /etc/exports:


Reexport shares:

exportfs -rav

On gitlab server

Add line to /etc/fstab:

nfs.srv:/backups/gitlab /mnt/backups/gitlab nfs4 rw,sec=sys 0 0

Install dependencies and mount nfs share:

yum -y install nfs-utils
mkdir -p -m 777 /mnt/backups/gitlab
mount -a

Configure /home/git/gitlab/config/gitlab.yml:

  ## Backup settings
    path: "tmp/backups"   # Relative paths are relative to Rails.root (default: tmp/backups/)
    keep_time: 604800
        provider: Local
        local_root: '/mnt/backups/gitlab'
      remote_directory: 'daily'

Add cron job, create file /etc/cron.d/gitlab:

# Create a full backup of the GitLab repositories and SQL database every day at 4am
# https://docs.gitlab.com/ce/raketasks/backup_restore.html
# Manual run: sudo -u git -H bundle exec rake gitlab:backup:create RAILS_ENV=production STRATEGY=copy SKIP=builds,artifacts,registry DIRECTORY=daily
0 4 * * * git cd /home/git/gitlab && PATH=/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin bundle exec rake gitlab:backup:create RAILS_ENV=production CRON=1 STRATEGY=copy SKIP=builds,artifacts,registry DIRECTORY=daily